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Since opening in 1996, Monica Learning Center, Inc. has helped thousands of students reach their full academic potential. Our students experience dramatic improvements in both their school grades and their standardized test scores because of personalized attention and a focus on individual strengths and weaknesses.

We recognize that each student has unique academic needs and requires highly individualized instruction. The personal attention that sets us apart from competitors ensures your child's dramatic improvement.

We've helped students score higher than they ever thought possible on a wide variety of tests including: the PSAT, SAT, SSAT, SAT II, ACT, STAR, and CAT/6.

In addition to helping students dramatically improve their grades and score higher on a wide variety of tests, we teach students broad study skills and work habits that they can use to achieve success in all of their academic endeavors. Our students' success has definitely attracted attention across the greater Bay Area, making us a Member of the Better Business Bureau and since 1998.

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Moreover, we at Monica Learning Center are so confident in our ability to help your child improve that, if you enroll in our program, we actually guarantee your child's academic success. Regardless of whether your child struggles in school and wants to raise his/her grades, receives average grades and still wants to improve and accelerate, or performs significantly above average and wants to attend a prestigious academic institution, Monica Learning Center can help!


Monica Learning Center, Inc. moves its Sunset Center to Noriega Street (1333 Noriega St. San Francisco).
Opening of Monica Learning Center, Inc. at Sunset Location (2535 Irving St. San Francisco).
Selected as an Honored Member of the Heritage Registry's Who's Who?.
Opening of Monica Learning Center, Inc. at Mission Location (3999C Mission St. San Francisco).
Voted by Sing Tao readers to be the 2006 Top Service Winner (Tutoring Center) in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Recipient of the San Mateo County - Better Business Bureau's Outstanding Service Award
Opening of Monica Learning Center, Inc. at Mission Location (3999C Mission St. in San Francisco).
Monica Learning Center attracts attention across the Bay Area, and becomes a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
Monica Learning Center, Inc. opens its first location in Daly City.


Testimony 1

"English was interesting. We learned about the holocaust. I was surprised because I thought we'd be learning a lot more about grammar and stuff, but we learned a lot more interesting things besides that. The teachers are good teachers. They help us figure out our strengths and weaknesses and help us improve. Math was a little more challenging. I learned a lot more things that will help me in eighth grade. The math teacher is cool. He shows us the problems change to step-by-step so we understand how to do it.

I think that Monica in general is a good place to learn new things. It's good that we have teachers walking around so they can help us. I think that we should have more English worksheets, instead of everything being about math. But overall, it's a great place!"

Jonathan W. 7th grade

"My English class was very fun. Even though I started a little late I was able to catch up. I learned so much in this class. When I studied about poetry that really inspired me to write more. My math class was very good because I learned many things. I enjoyed this class the most because I learned new things that I was supposed to learn in seventh grade. there were some times when I didn't know something but I quickly caught on.

My overall experience at the Monica Learning Center was terrific. The staff is so nice and helpful, and now I am actually going to do very well in seventh grade. I think that because I learned so much from the Monica Learning Center."

Anthony 6th grade

Testimony 2

"The things I liked are that I learned some geometry for high school and I think it will help me in the future. The other good thing I liked about this is that I got to meet new people that helped me on stuff.

I've learned new lessons of algebra and geometry, and I liked how Ms. Wong was able to help me. The teachers here are kind, generous, and giving.

I learned trigonometry and dozens of new vocabulary words. I've learned a lot that will be useful in the school year, such as writing a better essay and digging into deep details when solving word problems."

Vivian T. 11th grade

"English class was fun. Overall, I learned a lot and became faster reader. Math class was fun. I totally understood everything because we went at a nice pace. I had a lot of catching up to do because I started late and only went to math class once a once a week, but still understood and had fun. The Monica Learning Center is fun. We do a lot of worksheets and I think it helps. Thanks to Monica's, I've been doing very well at school. I learned A LOT this summer."

Michael E. 5th grade

"I learned a lot. It helped raise my [practice] SAT score by 530 points. I learned vocabulary words that will be on the SAT, and how to write good, detailed essays. Also, we reviewed math topics I learned from school."

Kenny L. 11th grade

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me a little bit about your programs?

Monica Learning Center offers classes and private tutoring in all subject areas for students of every grade and ability level. Students most frequently request help with math, English, science, history, foreign languages and standardized tests (such as the SAT I/II, Stanford 9, AP Exams, and the SSAT). Students come to Monica Learning Center for a variety of different reasons. Some are struggling in their classes. Others, already receiving average marks, simply want to improve. Still others, already near the top of their classes, are intent on working on more advanced material and getting ahead. Monica Learning Center has successfully helped all of these students.

I want to make sure that my child receives the best teaching/tutoring possible. Why should I choose Monica Learning Center?

Students choose Monica Learning Center for a variety of reasons. Among others, these reasons include: our strong teachers, proven curriculum, low student - teacher ratios, and two convenient locations (Mission and Sunset in San Francisco).

Will Monica Learning Center be able to address my child's specific problems?

Yes! Because of its proven curriculum and methods, Monica Learning Center has helped address thousands of students' unique academic problems. One of the secrets to our success is that, unlike other tutoring centers, we tailor instruction to each student's unique needs. By first pinpointing each student's individual strengths and weaknesses with a diagnostic test, and then targeting the student's problem areas with in-depth review (including homework, worksheets, and instruction), Monica Learning Center has been able to help thousands of students achieve their academic potential.

What different types of programs are available for my child?

Monica Learning Center offers both private, one-on-one tutoring, as well as classroom instruction and group tutoring, depending upon the unique needs of each individual student.

How many times per week will my child receive tutoring / classroom instruction at the Center?

How often your child receives tutoring is extremely flexible. He/she can receive several hours of tutoring a day, five days a week, or a single 60-75 minute session once a week. Moreover, most of our students stay with us for many years, often all the way up until their high school graduation.

What are the teachers' / tutors' background experience?

We receive dozens of applications for each teaching/tutoring position at Monica Learning Center. Each of our teachers/tutors has been hand-picked for his/her impressive teaching credentials, teaching experience, high test scores, and overall superb teaching ability.

I noticed that Monica Learning Center operates out of two different locations. Should I just go to the location that's closest to me?

Monica Learning Center runs two separate locations in order to make transportation easier for its students. Still, students occasionally prefer driving to a center farther from their home for various reasons. Favorite teachers/tutors, as well as different class schedules in the various centers, have enticed our students to make this extra effort. However, most students find it more convenient to go to the center closest to their home.


Our instructors are, simply stated, the best in the field. We pride ourselves on the fact that we hire not only the best professionals who look good on paper, but also the ones who can engross, encourage, and stimulate our pupils to chase their dreams. At Monica Learning Center, our instructors will not only push students to their educational limits, but also make them smile and have an enjoyable time in the process.

About Us - 1
James Blackmon
San Francisco State University, Lecturer

UC Davis, Instructor

Ph.D. in Philosophy, UC Davis

B.A. in Humanities Interdisciplinary Degree, Philosophy of Cognition, UC Irvine

B.A. in English, UC Irvine
SAT English, Critical Thinking, Philosophy

Dr. Blackmon has for years taught various classes and tutored in numerous subjects, including SAT Critical Reading and Writing, AP English, and others.

Dr. Blackmon has over eight years’ experience teaching at our center.
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Elbert Chan
B.S. in Psychology, UC Davis

B.A. in History, UC Davis
SAT English, History, Composition

Mr. Chan has over seven years’ experience teaching at our center.
About Us - 1
Stephen Zeng
B.S. in Financial Actuarial Mathematics, UC Los Angeles
Calculus, Statistics, Geometry, Algebra, Algebra II, SAT Math, Chemistry, Physics, China Mathematics Olympiad

Mr. Zeng has over four years’ experience teaching at our center.
About Us - 1
Gilda Wong
Single Subject (High School) Teaching Credential, Mathematics, UC Davis SAT Math, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II

Ms. Wong has previously taught secondary level mathematics at local high schools.

Ms. Wong has over eight years’ experience teaching at our center.
About Us - 1
Stacy Dileo
Paraprofessional Teacher, Special Education, Martin Luther King Middle School

B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Social Work Georgia State University
English, Reading, Writing, Special Education

Ms. Dileo has been teaching at our center for over one year.
About Us - 1
Eric Yan
B.A. in Molecular and Cell Biology, Minor in Chemistry, UC Berkeley; Calculus, Geometry, Algebra, Algebra II, SAT Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Mr. Yan has over five years’ experience teaching at our center.